Electrical Pattern Monitoring

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Continuous monitoring exposes wasted energy and equipment deterioration in real time. Early detection can save energy and avoid unscheduled outages.

The CER Assessment produces a comprehensive view of your equipment energy consumption and operating conditions through an active production week.

Over 100 years of combined Engineering experience has been poured into the development of our ePM product. Our Engineers have extensive experience spanning multiple industries including – Public Utilities, Building Automation Systems, Metering & Monitors, and Energy Management. Their experience has determined that motors continuously reveal their health and efficiency through their power usage.

The vision was diagnostic monitoring of the power usage would be cost-effective and practical for many of the most common motor driven systems – culminating in the Electrical Pattern Monitoring development and production of the ePM.

(ePM) is Centenelle’s key patented differentiator, distilling massive volumes of continuous data into act-ready information securely without requiring exotic remote cloud-based computing resources. This knowledge will result in lower costs through a variety of operation, maintenance, and efficiency improvements.

    Earliest detection of a wide-range of pending failures – Centenelle ePM technology will provide the earliest and most comprehensive predictive indicators of both inefficiencies and pending failures.

    • Immediate identification of voltage supply problems which will significantly reduce motor life expectancy and efficiency
    • The earliest detection of mechanical imbalance and alignment problems such as those associated with bearing failure, mechanical friction problems, and other conditions that cause excessive mechanical vibration
    • The earliest detection of pump and fan blockages, mechanical obstruction or overload, and control system problems such as soft-start failure
    • Identification of energy inefficient motors and processes

Continuous monitoring of energy efficiency – The Centenelle system continuously and securely monitors the power demand and energy consumption of electric motors, allowing for continuous analysis of energy efficiency.

Continuous monitoring of power supply quality – Electrical pattern monitors provide advanced, continuous, and comprehensive monitoring of the quality of the electric power feed to the motor-driven system. This capability cannot be cost-effectively provided with other power monitoring products.

Rich source of operational data for existing plant monitoring and control systems – Most electrical energy consumption is “blind” in that operators can’t see how and when energy is being used. The Centenelle system provides a comprehensive set of power-related data and alerts that can be directly interfaced with other plant monitoring and control systems.

The Centenelle system has been carefully designed specifically for ease of installation.

Centenelle’s Electrical Pattern Monitoring (ePM) technology provides 24/7 comprehensive monitoring and analysis of the energy consumption of motors, providing the richest source of information on motor health.

Our proprietary algorithms provide the most advanced proactive diagnostics monitoring of motor-driven systems. The ePMs reduce thousands of measurements each second and compare to established motor-specific baselines, producing valuable data that is condensed into actionable alerts.

By accessing this information customers will be able to lower energy cost through improved efficiency and optimize maintenance expenditures by early identification of pending failures before the asset is damaged and production lost.

Centenelle™ ePMs continuously and comprehensively measure the quality and pattern of the electric power supply and usage of individual electric motors. We believe this is the richest source of data that can be used to identify pending failures and inefficiencies.

Our ePMs condense a comprehensive set of data into electrical pattern matrices including:

  • Voltage range and balance
  • Voltage and amperage harmonic and inter-harmonic content
  • Power demand by operation stage
  • Power change characterizations (start-up, ramp-up, ramp-down, etc.)

Pattern MatricesElectrical pattern matrices are stored as baselines when electric motor-driven systems are known to be in a state of good health, such that future deviations from baseline can be used to provide critical early indications that problems are beginning to develop.
Our monitors combine the well-known benefits of voltage quality monitoring, advanced power trend monitoring, and power spectral analysis within the comprehensive new concept.

Most electric motor-driven systems operate at only several different power levels during normal operational cycles. Many simple motor driven systems are either on or off. More complex systems may also have different loading levels, depending upon the process, but the total number of normally expected power levels is relatively few. The operation of most electric motor-driven systems is generally characterized by steady, stable power consumption at only a few different levels.

  • Easy to install, configure, and monitor – no operator interface is required
  • Customizable alert system with notifications – The earliest predictive indicator detection of a wide range of pending failures and inefficiencies
  • Access to the Centenelle Motor Diagnostic Center (CMDC) which provides standard reports, motor health assessments, and data analysis tools
  • Continuous monitoring and analysis of energy efficiency – within two months customers will be able to identify annual energy savings
  • Long term data acquisition and management will build relationships between deviation patterns, cause of problem, and solution – resulting in lower operating costs