The Next Generation of Motor Protection

Electrical Pattern Monitoring – Centenelle ePM

“Our original focus was on energy savings but we have since learned that your ePMs provide keen insight and detail into our electrical motor-driven systems, not just the motors themselves.”

“Your system provided early detection of a motor issue. This alert enabled us to avoid our foundry from being shut down for a period of time.”

“The first day the new motor was installed, your ePM indicated a problem with the new motor. We looked into it further and there was a problem with the wiring. The issue was easily corrected and prevented us from having additional disruption.”

“Your ePM identified a problem in one of our electrical motor-driven systems. We understand that this [adjustment in control] will result in energy savings of approximately 79% year over year going forward.”

“Your patented ePM technology has provided valuable insight and visibility into our operation. We appreciate your engineering team’s work with our plant experts to help us become an even more efficient operation.”

The Centenelle Electrical Pattern Monitoring (ePM) technology provides 24/7 comprehensive monitoring and analysis of the energy consumption of motors, providing the richest source of information on motor health.

Electrical pattern monitoring from Centenelle™ is a key patented differentiator. Our technology distills massive volumes of continuous data into act-ready information. This provides the earliest and most comprehensive predictive indicators of both inefficiencies and pending failures, enabling your business to remain functional at all times.
Our monitors provide early detection indicators before asset damage occurs – resulting in reduced downtime and maintenance costs, increased in energy savings, and improved safety.

Easy to install, operate, and monitor – no operator interface is required.


Water & Wastewater Plants

Oil & Gas

Energy & Power

Metals & Mining



Aerospace & Defense

Food & Beverage


Elevators & Escalators


Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation.
– Dean Kamen

Centenelle ePMs provide advanced diagnostics using your motor as a transducer, without the expensive cabling.

Identification of energy inefficient motors and processes.

Immediate identification of voltage supply problems which will significantly reduce motor life expectancy and efficiency.

The earliest detection of mechanical imbalance and alignment problems such as those associated with bearing failure, mechanical friction problems, and other conditions that cause excessive mechanical vibration.

The earliest detection of pump and fan blockages, mechanical obstruction or overload, and control system problems such as soft-start failure.

Don’t settle for periodic checks of your critical motors. Real Time diagnostics with distributed intelligence.


We provide the most advanced and cost-effective proactive diagnostics monitoring of motor-driven systems!

Save energy and extend motor life

Reduce high-cost production outages due to unanticipated motor-driven system failures

Improve the efficiency of operational staff with relevant actionable information concerning real-time plant conditions

Ensure maximum return on maintenance and upgrade expenditures through predictive condition-based monitoring and energy usage analysis